Friday, September 18, 2009

Holy Underwear!

So, underwear isn't that expensive, right?

SO, why am I constantly wearing my old underwear?

Today, my friend at work (yes, my only friend but, she is really cool) reaches down and pulls out of the side of her pants, her white undies all ripped and tattered, I start cracking up.

So, what I do? I show her my purple underwear which are so badly ripped on both sides that I wonder if at one point they will just rip off while I'm walking. I think it every time I wear them, but that little elastic piece on the sides has lasted so long. It's amazing. I wonder if they have a "Guiness Book of World Records for That?" The longest a pair of underwear has held out! I think I might win.

So, the situation is this, why oh why do I continue to throw those holey, ratty underwear in the dirty laundry pile over and over again?

Is it so hard to just throw them in the trash and move on??? Yes, it really is.

For some reason I feel nervous that maybe I won't do laundry for a while (I should say Steven won't do laundry because I never do it) and I'll go for undies and there won't be any except my trusty old ripped and tattered purple ones.

I know it's ridiculous and what's the big deal going commando for a day but, I just don't do it.

I also have these flowery ones with a big hole in the front and everything hangs out of it anyway so, I should have just gone commando...BUT.... what did I do not just TWO DAYS AGO? I wore them and threw them back in the dirty laundry.

I mean money is tight, the economy is bad and all but, I can get a 6 pair of undies for like 8 bucks at Walmart so what is my deal?

I do the same thing with bras. No matter how many I get, I wear the same one every day! I'm so gross! Steven even said "don't you ever change your bra?" I'm like well "I have one that is comfy and I like it more than the other ones." So, he says "Why don't you buy three of them than?" and you know what, why don't I buy three of them? The answer to the undies and bra dilemma is the same, I have no friggin clue!

Maybe I secretly like being gross with holey underwear (pubes hanging out) and a stinky old bra on. Wonders never cease.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

He's ONE!

They say a picture says a thousand words. Think Stevie enjoyed his birthday cupcake?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi Aundy!

So, Stevie has started saying Hi and he says it to everyone and everything including his toys. It's really cute. Well, the other night I had "That 70's show" on TV and Stevie was playing and suddenly I hear him all excited saying "Hi, Hi, Hi and he ended by saying Hi Aundy!" which is what he calls his aunty. I'm like "what is he talking to?" I follow his eyes and realize he is looking at Hyde from that 70's show and saying Hi Aundy!

I started dying of laughter.

For those of you that aren't following me, my sister Christina has super curly brown hair just like Hyde from that 70's show and when he saw him on TV he thought it was Christina who he completely adores and so he started saying "Hi Aundy!" as in "Hi Auntie" It was really funny and also pretty cute too!

The First Haircut

Stevie's First Haircut. What can I say? The kid came out with so much hair that literally by like 7 months he was ready for his first hair cut. I had put if off for a few months but, about a month ago, I could hold no longer. The hair was growing over his ears and in his eyes and Dad Dow kept telling me he needed a hair cut to which Steven responded "Who are you to talk? You get a hair cut like once a year!" It's funny because he is bald on the top and has curly hair so when it grows out long, he totally would look like Bozo if he died it red.

Anyway, Marlene, a friend of ours who is a great hairdresser, volunteered to give Stevie his first haircut at the house and we tried to arrange it for like a month until one day I couldn't stand it anymore and was like, just get your butt over here and do it so, it was kind of spur of the moment.

We tried first to put him in a chair but, he is sooo squirmy and I couldn't keep a hold of him good while bending down so we put him on the counter and Marlene cut while she could. She is amazing. Hair was flying everywhere, Steven's legs and arms were flying everywhere. Finally, I gave him a cookie and although, he made a complete mess and ended up eating some of his own hair as it kept falling on the cookie, it did the trick.

So, here is the best part. Stevie was not the ONLY one who ended up consuming his hair.....keep reading....

Marlene gave me some of Stevie's hair to save so I put it in a plastic sandwich bag and put it on top of the sugar jar on the counter for later (you can probably see where this is going) so of course, I forgot about the baggie until Steven called me a couple days later from work.

"You aren't going to believe what just happened to me." I'm like "What?" He says "I was packing my lunch this morning and I was getting some cheese curls. I saw that there was a convenient baggie right there on the counter so I put my cheese curls in it." Now I'm like "oh no!" He says "yes and the worst part is I only had a few cheese curls left when I realized what that weird texture was." I started cracking up.. so I say "So, you ate your son's first haircut?" "Yep" he says. I said "Well, some people eat the placenta when their baby is born, maybe you are creating a new tradition by eating your son's first haircut!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

He's Here! I mean SHE'S Here!

So, Michelle has gone and done it. She had a baby girl yesterday afternoon and ruined my good predicting skills. I have been very proud of my ability to judge whether or not someone was having a girl or boy and she goes and ruins it! Much to her happiness. She and Mike wanted a girl. I know, I know as long as it's healthy but, PLEASE be real, we all have a preference. I admit it. I'd be happy having all boys although I hear girls are more cuddly and Stevie is definitely not cuddly so maybe having a girl wouldn't be so bad. Although, I really despise girly girls except for my neice Makayla and sister-in-law Michelle. I love them too much to really hate their girly girlness. I'm seriously jealous of girls like that though because they can wear cutesy clothes and barrettes and stuff. I tried once to put a dragon fly clip in my hair which I really liked and it looked so dumb plus, I also have a real love for those head bands that have cloth that tie in the back and when I try them on, I look like a maid ready to clean the house or a gardener or something, not cutesy like Makayla or Michelle. Maybe it's jealously that makes me hate girly girls after all. I just can't pull it off.

Anyway, back to my topic. Michelle had a girl and she is so sweet and cute!

Michelle called the house at like 2am yesterday morning and said, I feel like puking and I can't talk or walk and other things I would share about ME but, am protecting Michelle. WHY? because well she's more shy and girly girl like I said before. I'm like "Uh, that sounds like active labor and you should probably go to the hospital." She did thank goodness and was 4cm dialated. That was around the time I was screaming for an epidural so I'm pretty impressed!

So, now we have a new neice and I'm hoping she's a Tom Boy like me. Michelle would just hate it!!! I would love it!!! I would have to be her favorite then too. Well maybe not but, at least I wouldn't be alone in the Dow family. Michelle is girly girly cuty cuty, Cammie is a super-creative picture taking, crafty, scrap-booking amazingly creative crazy lady, Mom Dow is a super shopaholic, crafty bakeroo and I have none of this! I need a tom boy like me in the fam. I can see it now that I say this, Michelle WILL have a Tom boy and my next child will be girly girl. That wouldn't be so bad would it? Would be kind of fun. Never mind, yuck I hate pink frilly clothes. I don't know if I could deal. Maybe Michelle and I would have to swap or something. Isabelle IS really cute and Michelle has the same hair and eye color of Steven and Mike has the same as me AND Steven and Michelle are brother and sister so that might work after all. Food for thought.

Somehow I don't think Michelle will agree with this plan.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Gimme List Continued..

Michelle, you are too funny with "saggy balls" quote. I love it!
BTW, the girl from mythbusters? Mike you are SO RANDOM!

Just to clarify Nannie your list so far includes:

Richard Gere
Patrick Dempsey AKA McDreamy

Keep sending them. I'm enjoying this!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Gimme List

Ok, so we all have those movie stars that whatever they are in we will watch because they are just too hot hot hot! Everytime we see them we get a lot more attentive, our hearts beat a little faster, we get a little flushed. We fantasize that they see us on the street and just fall in love with our normalness and natural beauty i.e. too lazy to do my hair/make-up and a bit too...round. They stop us in their limo and whisk us off to their private jet for a romantic rendevous. Ok, I've thought of this too often....

I know when I said all that you were thinking of your favorite movie stars, weren't you???? So, I call it my "Gimme List." 5 movie stars that if they approached me for a romantic love rendevous, I could do it without any consequence. Our spouses know it will never happen so we and they are allowed to have the gimme list. So, below are my five in order of my lust pinnacle (I just made that word up, sweet huh)?

I know some of you are probably shocked that Leonardo DiCaprio isn't at the very top since I've loved him since he was on "Growing Pains" (Michelle, remember going to see Romeo and Juliet???)but, I have a new found star-crush if you can believe it! not that I don't still have a lust pinnacle for Leo.

Write and tell me who would be on your "Gimme List" and if you have your spouses, tell me there's too! It should prove to be an interesting conversation at your home's tonight, should be fun!

Amy's "Gimme List"

(Even looking at my list, I get all happy! Whisk me away Jonathan, Leo, Jason, Taye and/or Orlando!)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jason Statham
Taye Diggs
Orlando Bloom

Steven's "Gimme List"

Renee Zellweger
Drew Barrymore
Selma Hayek
Jennifer Aniston
Bea Arthur (He wanted me to put that one)

Ok, after I got this list from Steven he then e-mailed me another I thought I would share with you as well.

Steven's REVISED Gimme List

Barbara Bush
Estelle Gettie (when she was alive)
Betty White
Rhue Mclannahan aka Blanch Devero

Do you think I should be concerned that he has an old lady fetish? At least he didn't say Estelle Gettie now, then we would have a real problem!